Why Do Polished Concrete Floors Make Sense

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Wood, marble, granite, and ceramic tiles have all become passé. The latest trend is to opt for concrete flooring. Hospitals, trendy restaurants, offices and other outdoor spaces with a lot of traffic often use concrete as they are easy to maintain and not vulnerable to damage. Concrete can be stamped, painted and stained, but if you’re really looking for that luxurious sheen; make sure to opt for polished concrete floors. They’re versatile, cost effective and long lasting! In fact, polished concrete is soon becoming a popular choice for residential flooring. With a polished concrete floor, you don’t have to spend on artificial lighting as they provide high light reflectivity.

Unlike wood you don’t have to worry about waxing or using sealers. Routine maintenance includes dust mopping and wet mopping. This removes the dust and stain that gets collected on the floor. Water and a simple chemical free cleaning agents are enough to clean the floor. And if the floor is stained, a simple mop with a soft pad is enough to clean it. A major problem with other types of floorings is that they need to be protected from stains and hence need floor covering materials like carpets etc. Concrete flooring is also available in a wide variety of colors and can be used to create a stunning visual effect. Patterns can be created by cutting into the surface and creating a tile effect or any other desired effect.

They can also be made to replicate the effect of natural stone. This is done by acid staining the concrete with a variety of acids and then polishing it to create an effect of marble and granite. The technology used to polish concrete has advanced to such a level that it is now possible to create high polished floors that do not need waxing or polishing at all. You can get different levels of sheen; from satin to high gloss.

Polished concrete is popularly believed to be slippery. But these aren’t any more glossy that ordinary concrete and yet less slippery than polished marble. But if you’re worried about the accidents, you can always apply anti-slip conditioners. These conditioners contain additives that make these surfaces less prone to accidents.

But before you choose a contractor for concrete polishing, make sure to exercise caution. There are several companies that claim superior work that lasts long. But not all of them can deliver their promises and hence make sure that you speak to a registered and certified professional.

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Why Do Polished Concrete Floors Make Sense

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Why Do Polished Concrete Floors Make Sense

This article was published on 2012/04/03