Mistakes While Laying Concrete Pavers

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In this post we are going to discuss about the advantages of concrete pavers as well as commonly made mistakes while laying them.

Here are some of the advantages of concrete pavers-

1.Versatility- Concrete pavers are used for both residential and commercial constructions. They are used for driveways, patios, pool sides, promenades etc. Concrete pavers not only add a touch of comeliness to the property, but it is also safe even when these pavers are wet.

2.Wide array of Colours- There are many shapes and designs available ion the market that can mesh with any surrounding.

3.Durability and Strength- Concrete pavers' durability is unquestionable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and vehicular and pedestrian traffic for years without cracking.

4.Low Maintenance- Concrete pavers do not demand high maintenance. They can last for years by regular cleaning and rinsing. They can also be repaired or replaced for any underground utility repair work. Regular cleaning can be done by using appropriate cleaning solvent and water. In case of stubborn stains, pressure cleaning can be done.

Although there are myriad benefits of concrete pavers, yet you will not be able to make most of these benefits if you make the following mistakes-

1.Ground preparation is very important as concrete pavers should never be laid on clay grounds.  pavers. Determine whether the pavers are for feet traffic or vehicular traffic.

2.You may never want to make this mistake as it will leave you with an age long frustration and inconvenience. Make the sand compact before commencing the work. You can compact the sand by watering. You can also use mechanical resources.

3.This is one of the most commonly made mistakes. Pavers edges should always be together. If you do not pay attention to this bit, you will end up getting ugly looking pavers.

4.Allow sufficient time to pavers to settle down and gain consolidation. Putting them to use before they are ready will affect the durability and appearance of the pavers.

The job is better left to professionals, if you are not confident about doing it. Laying concrete pavers wrong way will only be waste your resources, money and time.

Premier Pavers supply a large range of concrete pavers. Our pavers are beautifully coloured from Australian sands with warm and earthy tones to classic greys.

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Mistakes While Laying Concrete Pavers

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Mistakes While Laying Concrete Pavers

This article was published on 2013/09/03