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The harsh climate of the northern Toronto area restricts the landscaper in many ways. The cold winters and warm summers ask for adaptive designs. Plants and materials used in the designs have to support a livable and inviting impression and have to enhance the look of the house. The solution often lies in generous use of paving stones and retaining walls.

Concrete products like landscape stones and paving stones moves therefore into the limelight of landscape designs of the Metro Toronto area. The landscaper is interested in two things when it comes to concrete products: Durability and design. Both cannot stand up by itself. The importance of durability of paving stones becomes obvious when you think of how many times the snowplow scrapes over the driveway each winter and how many days of bright sunlight heats up the patio and other structures in your garden. The landscaping should always look attractive and functional. Cracks in the elements have to be avoided at any cost and a high quality of the used materials is a must.

This is when Oaks concrete products enter the picture. What is different of these materials? The company is located right in the harsh environment where most new homes are built and the oaks know the demands on their products. Concrete is specially developed to withstand the environmental impact. Additives make the concrete very hard and durable. The colors do not fade so that your driveway will look attractive for decades.

The design of the paving stones is vital for the landscaper. He cannot convince a client for a design just based on the durability of the products. The client is firstly interested in the look. What can be better that the perfect combination of a durable product with beautiful designs? Highly appealing shapes paired with earthy, natural colors give Oaks the edge of a great selection of paving stones and retaining wall elements. Oak concrete products enhance and complement any garden design and get assured: They are produced to last.

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This article was published on 2012/02/16