Concrete Formwork and How It Works

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Concrete formwork is a specialized technique used by engineers to create solid concrete structures. It has been around for centuries and has been improved upon and perfect to suit our modern needs today. It is used to give shape to different structures during construction. Concrete is basically poured into molds and allowed to harden, so that it has the desired shape. It is actually an essential part of any concrete construction.

Variety of formwork  

As with everything else, formwork involves a variety of different techniques that are suited for various purposes. They can be divided into 3 broad categories traditional timber, engineered and stay in place. Different formworks have been used since olden days to create domes and grand arches in a way that makes them durable and very strong. Basically, concrete is not very immune to stress and can change shape easily.


Wood is used by many engineers along with carpentry to construct concrete structures. Timber for concrete formwork can be obtained from many sources such as lumbers and tree trunks that are very commonly found inAustralia. Most of the concrete used for modern construction is reinforced concrete, which is much stronger and harder than your old concrete, which is quite weak until it dries completely.

Metal formwork  

For large slabs and more flexible shapes of concrete, we usually use a metal slab formwork. There is not much different between wooden and metal formworks. In the metal variant, steel is the mostly widely used material, since it can hold concrete very well. For good support, metal props are used more often. Many engineers create hybrid setups where both timber and steel are used at the same time for better effect.

Modular formwork  

To make our job easier, modular formworks are very popular. These are basically premade forms that can be changed in size as per specific needs. Again, modular formwork can be either timber of metal, depending on the nature of the structure under construction. This kind of formwork is popular with engineers because they are easy to manufacture in bulk in factories, and they are less expensive and more flexible.

All in all, modern concrete framework makes it much easier to produce concrete slabs that can be used for many purposes. They are very long lasting, so they are used by major builders as well as manufacturers of other concrete products. These formworks are widely available from a number of concrete manufacturers, and most of them are quite affordable.




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Concrete Formwork and How It Works

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This article was published on 2011/08/17